EvoMedia is a new division of CHAOSoftwerks, which was formed in 1994 by Kelly Michels. CHAOSoftwerks was primarily a 3D Modeling and Animation production house that worked on projects for clients such as Time Warner, MGM Interactive, Mattel, and Imagination Pilots, among others. The Internet as it is known now did not exist then, but it's significance was apparent to us. We began learning how it worked and set out to help build the World Wide Web.

Together with a partner Kelly founded what is now the largest 3D based website on the planet, known as 3D Cafe. While working on 3D Cafe Kelly acted on the technical developer end of the site, added site updates, and worked as a 3D artist and project leader on some high-profile projects such as Morph Magic , designed by Todd Sheridan and programmed by Sandeep Shekar and Ken Hock, and Texture Layers, both of which are software tools used by 3D computer graphics artists.

After the success of previous ventures Kelly formed EvoMedia. With the diverse background in Internet Technologies, 2D/3D computer graphics, design skills, and comprehensive computer backgrounds, we focus on providing high standards in all the work we do. EvoMedia has gathered a very talented and knowledgeable staff, all at your disposal. We also have an "open knowledge" approach when working with clients: if you don't understand something or have questions- we will be happy to explain it for you.

We at EvoMedia feel that the most important aspect to any website design is that you get the site you want. We will work with you to develop the site which suits your needs now, as well as your needs in the future. When we're done, your site will help your business grow into the new millennium.

Kelly Michels