Data-Driven Websites

data-driven websites

Taylor Made, based in Kentucky Taylor Made is the world's leading seller of through breed horses. We developed their private company system utilizing ASP.NET that imports all horse information and tracks all potential buyers visits to horses and aspects of the auctions that monitors and tracks over $50 million in sales per auction.

C.A.R.O.L.- Civil Attorney Records Of Litigation system, this is a private site based on PHP that processes all Civil Litigation cases in Harris County TX from the Harris County District Clerks office. This data is then processed and "cleaned" via Address Verification System using USPS standards for address verification then exports all data ready to process flyers for bulk mailers.

Have a product database? Need it online, yesterday? Thought so. We wrote custom ColdFusion code to import the entire medical product database for NorMed.com into our e-commerce system.

HealthPowerUSA.com, manufacturers and distributors of premium nutritional products, needed a website that would enable them to open their massive inventory up for sale to the world while providing secure credit card transactions and real-time electronic inventory management.

Sales tax regulations can pose a problem for some online retailers. When doing business in your home state, you have to collect different rates for the counties. This can present a nightmare for website development. We solved the problem for UltraFitness.com by writing custom ColdFusion code to calculate the appropriate tax rate for the location of the transaction...serious tools for modern business.

Here's a perfect example of a dynamic site that speaks for itself. We enabled BayPressServices.com to use their database to generate pages on the fly while retaining the flexibility they needed in design.

Check out some of the other e-commerce sites we've either built entirely or customized with ColdFusion and AbleCommerce:

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